5 Things You Should Know Before Starting Martial Arts

Have you ever considered starting a martial art?

Whether it's MMA, boxing or BJJ, there really is no better time to start than now. In this guide,
we explore 5 things that you need to know before you attend your first lesson.

Now is the Time to Start

“I need to lose a little weight first”
“I need to get a bit fitter before I start”
“I need to be stronger to do this”
“I’m too stressed at the moment”
“I don’t have time”
The excuses that instructors hear for why people aren’t ready to start martial arts are endless.
But that is all they really are  - excuses.
Sure, you might find the warm-up difficult if your fitness is lacking a little. You may find it mentally
taxing to get your kit together and turn up if you are feeling stressed. You might find some
techniques tricky if you haven't engaged your muscles properly for a while.
But guess what? That is the whole point of starting a martial art.
The struggle to learn and improve your martial art of choice is the source of the satisfaction you
gain from it. Just turn up, take part and try your hardest. You don’t have to finish the whole
session, just do what you can and then challenge yourself to do a little more the next time.
Over time you will find that you start to lose weight, you’ll get fitter, you'll develop mental and
physical strength, you’ll banish stress and you will find ways to create time for the
self-improvement that martial arts provide.
Starting martial arts will offer you solutions to almost any reason you aren't starting. So, what is
really stopping you? Why not start today?

Leave Your Ego at The Door

No ego survives first contact with martial arts. Especially those which require you to test your
ability against others.
Turn up for your first martial arts class expecting to be world-class and you are likely to leave
with a bruised ego never to return again. Instead, show up with an open mind, ready to learn
and ready to be humbled by what your knowledgeable instructor and fellow students have to
teach you.
“Leave your ego at the door” is a common phrase we hear used in the martial arts world.
A true master of any fighting art knows that they can never know everything. Even seasoned
black belts and professional boxers with years of experience are always looking for new ways to
do things and little tweaks they can make to improve their game.

There is No Better Way to Get Fit

There are countless ways to get fit. From running to football to hitting the gym. Of course, we
are a little biased, but we believe there really is no better way to improve your fitness than by partaking in martial arts.
Why? Here are a few reasons:
  • You learn something whilst you get fit
  • You learn to defend yourself whilst you get fit
  • You push yourself harder in order to improve
  • You can become part of a community
As most martial arts use the whole body in some way, it is also a very effective way to work out.
Did you know that an intense session of MMA can burn upwards of 1200 calories?

Contact Isn’t Always Nesseccery

One thing that often puts people off getting involved in martial arts is the fear of getting hurt. In
reality, this is rarely an issue.
Firstly, your instructor and training partners are there to keep you safe. You also don’t always
have to partake in live sparring if you are worried about getting hurt - just talk to your instructor
and ask their advice on the matter.
However, it is important to note that if you want to progress then sparring is a key part of
learning what it feels like to apply your art in the real world.
Of course, even if you don’t spar there is a possibility that you may get a bruise occasionally
from a missed strike or poorly executed technique, so you need to be ready for this.

You’ll Improve Your Discipline

Discipline is an important but often overlooked part of adult life. Perhaps now more important
than ever in a world of shortening attention spans and distractions. Improved discipline is often
referred to as a key part of teaching children martial arts, but can also be beneficial for adults.
There are many aspects of martial arts that will help you improve your personal discipline. Some of these will be required by your instructor. Others will need to be enforced by yourself.
Examples include:
  • Wearing the correct uniform/gear
  • Keeping your uniform/gear in good condition
  • Turning up to class on time
  • Following the rules of the gym/dojo
  • Keeping your training partners safe
  • Looking after your mental and physical health
If you are thinking of starting a martial art, there really is no better time than now. If you are
unsure about anything after reading this article, find a school and approach the instructor to help
put your mind at ease. It might just be the best thing you have ever done for yourself

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Good luck and go get em Champ!
Written by: Owain Williams
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