Help / FAQ

  • Do we charge or change the battery on the Sensor?
    • You will have to change the sensor with a Coin Cell CR2032, they are very common watch batteries and we tend to keep a 20 pack in our gym bag. 
  • How do you change the battery ?
    • We recommend putting your finger nail in between the seems. You can also use a thin tool like a flat head screw driver if needed. Video can be found here.
  • Why use a battery instead of charging like everything else?
    • Picture your coach telling you to 'strap up' on a day you tend to just do drills. If you forgot to charge your sensor, you'd most likely just leave the Smart Headgear in your bag and spar without tracking your performance. By keeping a pack of batteries in your bag, you'd be able to change the battery in less than 30 seconds and track all your hard work :)